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Our Firm

StrategyIP is a new kind of law firm - one that focuses on practical strategy over aimless filings.


Strategy is vital to protection of your valuable ideas and brand names.  Mindless protection can cost you millions of dollars, hard earned good will with your customers, and valuable monopolies on your ideas.  Even if you have an initial strategy for protection, it is often forgotten, confused, or reversed by the employees, consultants and attorneys who are uninformed or careless along the way.

At StrategyIP, we sit down with you to figure out a concise strategy that makes sense for you and your business, and then stay true to your strategy through every step of your IP protection - whether it is local, national, or global.

We are also proud to have a network of premier attorneys throughout the world, so we can coordinate worldwide IP and other legal matters you may require easily and effectively.

Our Los Angeles office is located in beautiful Marina del Rey, in the heart of Silicon Beach and minutes from LAX. Our Irvine office is located adjacent to the John Wayne airport in the heart of Orange County's vibrant business environment.

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