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Legal monopolies on your ideas and designs can be the key to success for your business.  Too often, great ideas are left unprotected and free for competitors to copy.  On the other extreme, patent applications are filed or prosecuted on strategically insignificant claims, wasting vital capital on unnecessary attorney fees.  At StrategyIP, we pride ourselves in giving each client customized, practical, and strategic results from initial consultation through prosecution and litigation.  We work in a wide range of technologies, including electrical, mechanical, software, methods of manufacture, and designs, and our past and present clients range from individual inventors to global corporations.



Your brand names are more than just words or logos.  They are part of your company's identity, and communicate your reputation to your customers.  They may also subject your business to law suits if they are too similar to marks in use by others.  You may lose your mark and your money, just as your company is gaining traction in the marketplace.  StrategyIP works with your company to adopt and protect a strong mark, so you can focus on servicing your customers.  We will also be by your side in licensing transactions or if you are either enforcing or defending your rights in court.  Your brand is central to your business.  Why not take the time to protect it intelligently?

Trade Secrets

Trade secret protection is often neglected in favor of patents, but it may give you an even more valuable asset for a longer time period.  Some information, like a secret recipe, may be ideal for this type of protection, while others may not.  At StrategyIP, we discuss your options for protection with you to come up with a strategic plan that makes sense for you and your company.


Your original creative works may form the backbone of your business.  Whether they are visual, literary, sound, architectural, audiovisual, or choreographic works, you want to make sure they are not copied.  We work closely with you to make sure you understand your options for protection and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing those options.



When it comes time to enforce your rights or defend against someone else's claims, we can help.  Our close co-counsel relationships allow us to handle the detailed intellectual property analysis seamlessly and efficiently while closely collaborating with some of the best litigators in Southern California.

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